creating networks for success.

The attorneys at Havens Limited are highly skilled at structuring partnerships that benefit you and all parties involved. We know that forming partnerships in real estate ventures is important to your business's ultimate success. Our Result Navigator™ system will lead you to succeed in this new era of business prosperity. This tool assists you in navigating the changing economy, including lending environments, evolving regulations and new financial products.

  • Commercial Development

    Havens Limited’s ancillary consulting practice facilitates partnerships with developers, property owners and investors. Significant real estate projects are the results of our expertise in land acquisition, financing options and development.

  • Oil and Gas

    When Ohio residents are being approached by multi-billion-dollar energy corporations, landowners should be knowledgeable about these natural resources, about their real estate values and the terms of contracts and leases that will be offered for mineral rights. Becoming a member of the Gas & Oil Alliance of Ohio helps landowners navigate this complex situation so that they have the ability to protect and grow their personal assets.

  • Public Service

    As a Granville Township trustee for 12 years, Jim Havens formed and implemented Ohio’s first open space acquisition program under the newly enacted ORC 5705.19(HH). This program preserved 753 acres of green space during his tenure by using approximately $5 million in green space levy tax and other unrestricted proceeds that were collected.