Bryan D. Jacobs

Bryan D. Jacobs oversees outside property projects and management. He is the IT Administrator for Havens Limited and associated ancillary companies. Bryan earned a bachelor’s in history (2006) from Ohio State University. During his undergraduate years he worked as an instructorial assistant for OSU’s computer labs and also was employed by the campus facilities department.

Bryan started working for Havens Limited in 2008 as a farm manager. During his time with the company he has used his unique skills of problem solving, either within the office setting or with our clients. When Bryan discovers a need or problem, he researches the best route to achieve a positive outcome and then executes with the exact implements necessary for success.

Bryan enjoys time with his wife and four daughters, playing music with local musicians, experimenting with new technologies and community service.


  • Education

    B.A. in History, The Ohio State University, 2006